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Research resources
Counseling & Support

While the publishers of Apologetics Index operate from an orthodox, evangelical Christian point of view, the intent of this site is to provide research resources from a variety of perspectives.

Therefore, unlike many other websites that deal with the issues we address, many topics on this site include links to Christian, non-Christian and secular research resources, presented from neutral, pro, and contra viewpoints.

Note: A simple color-coding system is used to help you identify the general background of sites, articles and other listings.

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• Counseling & Support
In this section you'll find the following resources:
Guidelines for selecting a counselor/cult expert
Organizations, ministries and individuals recommended by Apologetics Index
What you should know about fees
About Countercult organizations and ministries

Apologetics Index recommends the Christian and secular organizations listed below.

Guidelines for selecting a counselor/cult expert

Please note the following:
  • Be aware of the distinction between secular anticult- and Christian countercult organizations. (See our color key)

    (Note: while the publishers of Apologetics Index operate from a Christian perspective, we support freedom of religion in thought and expression, which is why both Christian and non-Christian resources are listed).

  • Know the general background and current perspectives of the organization, ministry or individual you deal with. For example:
    • What are their professional credentials, if any?
    • What is their religious affiliation or perspective, if any?
    • Will they counsel you even if you are not willing to accept their religious belief system? See this information.
    • Who are their professional contacts and affiliations? (who do they refer to or consult with?)

  • Observe the general behavior and demeanor of the organization, ministry or individual you have under consideration. Like any other profession, both the anticult and countercult fields have their share of charlatans, angry loners, self-proclaimed experts, and the like.
    • A good guideline: Would the organizations and individuals listed below refer people to the person, ministry or organization under consideration? When in doubt, ask. (Note that at least one anticult activist frequently mentioned in the media finds himself shunned by many cult experts).

  • Ask questions about the fees involved. (Get the information in writing).

  • Keep in mind that a listing here does not necessary mean that the publishers of Apologetics Index agree with everything these organizations and ministries teach or practice.

  • This is not an exhaustive list. If you need a recommendation regarding an organization or ministry not listed here, you are welcome to contact us.

  • Our legal advisors would appreciate it if you read our disclaimer.

Organizations, ministries and individuals recommended by Apologetics Index

• Please see the Guidelines for selecting a counselor.
Blue dots: Information and help from a Christian background, but help is generally provided to anyone -- with no strings attached. Purple dots: Information and help from a secular background. [Information about this Color Key]

Christian Cult Information CentreOff-site Link Headed by Ian Hayworth, this organization helps people affected by cults in the UK.
Christian Escape Helping Families Under Scientology Stress. Richard and Bonnie Woods.
Christian ExWitch MinistriesOff-site Link "ExWitch Ministries is an international outreach ministry based in Greensboro, N.C. The Ministry is headed up by Kathi Sharpe, but there are many wonderful people (ex-witches and other Christians) who have stepped up to advance the cause of Christ to people who are in occult bondage. "
Secular Freedom of Mind Steve Hassan's organization. For a description of Hassan's approach, see his book, Releasing The Bonds
Secular International Cultic Studies Association (formely, American Family Foundation). Information About Cults, Cultic Groups, Mind Control, Cult Abuse, and Psychological Manipulation. AFF is the world's largest, secular anticult organization.
Christian Midwest Christian Outreach
Christian New England Institute of Religious Research Headed by Bob Pardon. NEIRR operates Meadow Haven, a halfway house.
Secular reFOCUS Recovering Former Cultists Support Network.
Christian Refuge MinistriesOff-site Link For those who have been involved in satanism, the occult, wicca, witchcraft, New Age practices or false teachings in the Christian church.
Christian VM Life ResourcesOff-site Link Doug and Wendy Duncan. Wendy is the author of "I Can't Hear God Anymore." Since renouncing their membership in a cult, Doug and Wendy Duncan began a ministry to help individuals coming out of cultic groups and to teach churches how better to minister to these hurting people.
Christian Watchman Fellowship Considered by many to be the foremost Christian countercult and apologetics ministry. Presents a wealth of information and resources for further study online.
Christian Wellspring Wellspring provides an individualized program of counseling, instruction, restoration, and relaxation. Professionals counselors help rebuild lives after a negative group or relationship experiences.

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